A gazebo is a structure that provides shade and elegance to your property. Gazebos built in the Dallas Fort Worth area are often used as patio covers, wedding ceremony pavilions, party tents, or outdoor living rooms. These structures can be built in many different shapes and styles such as octagon shaped or round. They come with a variety of roofing materials including metal roofs for low maintenance or wood shingle roofs for an elegant look. Dallas Pergola Company is your local gazebo builder offering free on-site estimates!

Why build a Gazebo?

  • Gazebos provide patio covers for outdoor living spaces.
  • Wedding ceremony pavilions (gazebo rentals) are an elegant and cost effective alternative to a traditional wedding venue.
  • Gazebos offer shade at your next event when you’re looking for the perfect shaded space that can withstand any weather condition!

What are the benefits of owning a Gazebo?

  • Gazebos offer a versatile space for any occasion.
  • The shade that gazebos provide make it an ideal place to relax and enjoy the outdoors year round.
  • They are great places to entertain guests or host parties during those hot summer months.

Dallas Pergola Company offers customers many options when designing their custom gazebo including roofing material, size, shape, style, etc… You can choose from popular designs such as octagon shaped gazebos or round ones with wavy roofs for a southwestern look! There is truly something here for everyone!

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