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The outdoors are a wonderful place to be, and nothing beats the fresh air. We at Dallas Pergola Company strive to make your outdoor space as comfortable as possible for you with our various shading options from pergolas, gazebos all the way down to awnings!

With so many customization possibilities like mixing-and-matching different styles of patio covers and sun shades; there is sure something that will appeal specifically just for you and your needs in mind.


Discover what products we can build for your outdoor spaces.


Discover why we use Aluminum on all of our pergolas and patios covers.


Browse through our aluminum colors for pergolas and patio covers.


Learn about the two main styles of pergolas and patio covers.


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Keep Your Cool with Dallas Pergola Company

Pergolas, patios covers and awnings are all ways to make your outdoor living space more comfortable. Pergolas provide shade with style, patio covers keep you out of the rain or sun whichever may come up while still letting in light and awning can help beat the heat on those hot summer days!

  • Pergola: never compromise between shade, breeze or stylish when you get it all with our pergolas;
  • Patio Cover: hang outside -rain or shine- from full protection against weather conditions like storms & scorching temperatures;
  • Awnings: let sunlight stay where it belongs -outside- by taking advantage of these shelter options that offer sunshine during its most intense hours


Shade That Is Unique To You

Dallas, TX is dubbed as the Mid West’s Best Small Town. Life here is slow and relaxed with a friendly atmosphere that makes it perfect for retirees. Dallas has gorgeous beaches and an easy-going lifestyle which can only get better by sun protection!

Our sales representatives provide samples or advice on adding shade to your exterior – whether you want pergolas, awnings or patio covers–customization choices allow you to complement your home with these external features

Desert sand, beige, wheat and adobe are all colors that can accentuate your home in different ways. There’s a wide range of column styles to choose from too like roman columns which have an interesting twist or acadian style for those wanting something with more flair. You could even match the color of your house with one set as well – there are plenty of options available!

For years, we’ve aimed to provide a comfortable outdoor lifestyle for our customers. You can take comfort in the fact that you are spending your money well and will have an enjoyable time under your patio cover for the years to come!


What Makes Pergolas Special

What makes a pergola special? We all have different ideas about what constitutes as something ‘special’. For some, it is the feeling of being one with nature that they get when they are sitting under the shade of a tree. Others might see a pergola and think “wow, this would be perfect for our wedding ceremony.” What do you think?

Pergolas add a whole new dimension to your outdoor living space. They are a beautiful place for you and your family, friends or guests to gather with plenty of shade to cool you off on a hot summer day.

Most people think that pergolas only provide protection from the sun’s harmful rays but they also provide so much more than just shelter:

  • Pergolas are perfect for outdoor dining areas or lounging in the shade.
  • With a pergola, you get an extra room without any of the hassle.
  • You can enjoy your private time out on your deck more with less sun exposure and privacy from neighbors overhanging trees.
  • The open air design, makes pergolas a great space for entertaining.
  • Pergolas are amazing to create the perfect outdoor living area by adding lighting and landscaping.
  • Plus, these structures provide an additional home or function in other areas of your property such as grilling stations or dining room patios with extra seating capacity.


Why Patio Covers Are Awesome

What’s not to love about a patio cover? Patio covers provide protection from the sun, rain, snow and other elements so you can enjoy your outdoor living space all year round. If you’re looking to spruce up your home or are just getting ready for summertime fun, here are some great reasons why investing in a patio cover is a smart idea!

Here are a few things that are awesome about patio covers:

  • They provide protection and shade from the sun’s UV rays with an insulated roof above your head.
  • The height of a patio cover provides peace and privacy, so you can enjoy relaxing in your outdoor living space without worrying about nosy neighbors looking over into it.
  • Patio covers are perfect for entertaining guests or hosting parties because they offer ample room to walk around comfortably.

So what are you waiting for? Whether you’re planning on remodeling your home this year or just want some tips on how to prepare yourself for summertime fun, installing a new patio cover is a great idea!


Keep Your Indoors Cool with Awnings

In the summer, it can be difficult to cool down your home. This is even more true in a hot climate. If you are looking for an easy way to keep your indoors cool and reduce energy costs, consider installing awnings over windows that face south or west. Awnings will provide shade and block out heat from the sun, allowing air conditioning units to work at full capacity while keeping prices low!

Some benefits of awnings are:

  • Keep Your Indoors Cool with Awnings
  • Reduction in energy costs
  • Blocks out heat from sun and provides shade ​​


Throw Cool Parties… Literally!

Dallas, TX is full of friendly, sociable people. Parties are amazing ways of meeting new people and bonding with friends. The crowds indoors can get stuffy in the summertime though! But we have great solutions for you- barbecues or pool parties where everyone loves the fresh air that open space provides outside. With our outdoor shades to provide protection from sunburns or heatstroke while still letting guests mingle outdoors by opening up a whole new area when it’s time to host an event like dinner party too!

And your backyard will be a real conversation piece thanks to all our dedication to style because not only do outdoor patio covers make relaxing more enjoyable but also create balance between indoor/outdoor spaces so they’re easy flow together


World Class Materials

What’s the backbone of any construction project? Materials. And with materials, there are a lot to choose from. Wood is an excellent choice for durability and aesthetics, but aluminum has its advantages as well!

Aluminum can look just like wood if you want it too; we love that about this metal option because no one would know what’s made out of it unless they touched or looked closer at our work site.

It also doesn’t warp like other metals do when exposed to water or moisture so your porch will always be on point–never sagging inwards due to rusting joints that weaken over time by weather exposure!

Aluminum is durable and termite-resistant, which means your patio will be safe from pesky bugs


Experienced And Eager

Our many years of pergola, and patio covering experience is completely at your disposal. Our staff, from our designers to installation experts are all eager make sure you know this was the right decision for you making! We love how we can beautify homes with high quality materials that will keep them looking great for as long as possible so let us help!

We’ve done thousands of pergola installations all over Dallas, TX. If you’re in the market for awnings and patio covers then we know what to do!

Turn your outside area into an art piece with our 5 star installation experience.


No Fuss, We Come To You

Seeking a hassle-free outdoor space? We’ve got you covered! Our patio shade designers come straight to your home. All the options are there for you, all from the comfort of your living room or backyard.

We offer free bids so that one of our experienced designers can show up with samples and take time to walk through everything in person—every style, every color option (even column styles!), we have it all here at Dallas Pergola Company .

Once your consultation is complete, feel confident knowing that this will be another job well done for you to enjoy!


Help Us Help You

It’s time to make your home a little more like the sanctuary of dreams you always wanted it be! We can do this by adding patio shade. Our company offers excellent service on such an important and permanent addition such as shade coverings, with prompt attention at all times.

You deserve only the best – we will walk you through every step in our process so that when it is finally installed, you know without question what went into making them perfect for their purpose: keeping out those hot Texas sun rays while still letting in natural light where needed most throughout your day-to-day living space.